Inspired by the colossal landscapes of southern Utah, which Messiaen visited while working on the score of “Des canyons aux étoiles”, who better than the Utah Symphony under the inspirational direction of Thierry Fischer to tackle the considerable demands of this thrilling epic?

“Being at the end of my tenure here, I could simply not imagine another piece to show the accomplishment what we’ve done with the Utah Symphony together and to me a description so beautiful, so stunning, so spiritual of where I’ve been spending the last fourteen years, is the best way to give gratitude to the beauty of the state,” – Thierry Fischer

Messiaen‘s “Des canyons aux étoiles” takes the listener on a transcendental journey from the depths of geological times to the very gates of heaven. His lifelong engagement with Christian mysticism, birdsong and awestruck contemplation of the beyond finds its fullest expression in this massive, exultant symphonic cycle.

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