, January 2020:

Most importantly, Thierry Fischer eyes the horizon with steadiness and reasons through every fold of expression. Perhaps saving the best for last, “Volume 3” has pure persuasion and pure genius. We ‘tip our hats’ to Thierry Fischer’s Anglophone coliseum for presenting Camille Saint-Saëns with stateside distinction and thoughtful sophistication.

ClassicalWCRB, February 2020:

The Carnival of the Animals is here, along with a symphony that Saint-Saëns wrote at the age of 15, and the CD opens with the Symphony No. 1 in E-flat, written as an eighteen-year-old. When the low strings begin the piece with two slurred, descending notes, it’s as if they are speaking. It’s instant transportation into the poetic world that Fischer so believes in. Even when Saint-Saëns floats in timeless spaces, there is incredible life in the orchestra’s playing. Just listen to the opening two minutes (track 1), where Fischer has perfectly calibrated the rise from those opening notes to a vivacious, sunlit strength. It’s perfectly calibrated and totally natural.