50 years after the composer’s death, Thierry Fischer spearheads a voyage into Frank Martin’s entire body of work – a musical journey arching over three consecutive musical seasons: The Frank Martin Odyssey.

“I want to invite Frank Martin connoisseurs and those who have yet to discover his rich musical heritage alike to join us on our journey through the entire oeuvre of a composer who contributed like no other to Switzerland’s musical landscape of the 20th century.”

The newly founded festival starts on 21 April 2024 with a program that spans 75 years of Frank Martin’s life and career. The majority of concerts will take place in the city and Canton of Geneva and its surroundings. A number of performances will be held elsewhere in Switzerland and abroad.

Alongside most of the cultural organizations in Geneva, the symphony and chamber orchestra works of Martin’s will partly be entrusted to the Frank Martin Orchestra, which is being formed for this very purpose.

Explore the program of the Frank Martin Odyssey on the festival website.