Neue Zürcher Zeitung, May 2016:

[A] triumph for soloist, orchestra and conductor… in Beethoven 7 the COE showed itself to be mercurial and willing to take risks. Thierry Fischer revealed every facet of the work’s dance-like elements, heightening the tension to obsession by the end of the work.

Bachtrack, May 2016:

Thierry Fischer stuck closely to Beethoven’s metronome markings with brisk (yet never rushed) tempi… the dynamics and articulation were very lively and played with a light touch, never pompous (e.g. the Allegretto), but with with an impressive mastery of dramatic tension… In the Presto the orchestra was brilliantly virtuosic, and very disciplined even in the most exciting passages.  The Trio was no series pilgrim’s hymn but more of a bucolic pastoral with wonderful ppp passages… and then the Finale was marvelously alert and appealing – a great achievement overall, as was every work in the programme.

Classic Toulouse, May 2016:

Under the precise and motivating baton of Thierry Fischer, the ensemble’s cohesion and the rich colours reached the highest possible level… The conductor got the musicians to play with lean vibrato, leaping rhythms, rich and subtle phrasing, and dynamic tempi… what a sumptuous orchestra! The balance of strings and woodwinds, the clarity of colour and sonority, the sense of nuance… A big thank-you to the dynamic Thierry Fischer for the high level concert.