Classical Source, March 2018:

“an unfailingly supportive and decisive Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and Thierry Fischer (in the Beethoven piano concerto)… the BSO formed an ethereal micro-universe, an otherworldly quality … a background of beautifully crafted strings and woodwinds…. Fischer shaped the (Ives)’s short but infinite span with fidelity and infinite care… This was a forthright, pugnacious account (of Brahms 1), Fischer underlining the score’s dark colouring (contrabassoon more than usually prominent) and heroic ambition.”

Seen and Heard International, March 2018:

“Fischer encouraged a fine-shaded orchestral support (in the Beethoven piano concerto) that distinguished the whole performance which, to these ears, sounded fresh and vital…. Thierry Fischer’s reading of the Brahms Symphony No.1, awesome and majestic, was consistently satisfying, from the commanding strengths of the outgoing material of the outer movements to the bewitching lyricism of the inner ones, especially the luscious Andante sostenuto.”