Ritmo, April 2023:

It was all done with precision, taste, solvency in the soloists, a lot of rhythm and contagious joy, thanks to the good work of Thierry Fischer, the concertmaster Pavaci and the commitment of all the musicians, who won over the entire Auditorium, who enjoyed the varied and correct writing of this Todo es posible, a common final cry, to which the Hall responded with authentic enthusiasm, generating multiple exits and showing the satisfaction of the Ensemble [Brass for Africa] for its work.

Fischer interpreted Dvorak 9 in a very American way, with varied articulation, extreme but logical dynamics, with a faithful and exact agony and, above all, with a tension and energy under control that was barbaric in the extreme movements, an emotive expression in the Largo and a very lively rhythm in the Scherzo, rounding off a superb version where the strings were superb, the woodwinds full, the brass noble, the percussion exact and the horn brilliant and attentive to the Conductor, who was dedicated and precise.